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Western Washington University - Bellingham WA (2002 - 2007)
津田塾大学 - 小平市 東京都 JP (2005 - 2006)
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Right now I'm working as an Assistant English Teacher in Kanagawa, Japan. Though my goal is to move on to another type of job where I can use my degree in East Asian Studies, and my growing Japanese skillz.

My interests a quite varied, mostly because I seem to like almost everything. My main love is music, though I personally believe my voice isn't all that great. I do love to dance though! I mostly listen to Japanese Pop music, but I tend to listen to a bit of everything. I love T.V. and movies, both Hollywood and foreign, I have a habit of suddenly acquiring new DVDs without quite remembering where they come from. I will watch something at least once if a friend recommends it to me. I also love fashion and make-up and all that comes with it. Though it's not from a belief that I need to look better, but because I love the idea that a certain combination of clothing, make-up and accessories can project a completely different image than another combination would.

So far my journal is left public and you're welcome to friend me if you want, please leave a comment though, mostly because I don't check whose friended me or not very often, and I feel bad if someone has friended me and I don't know who they are. Though I am notorious for not updating my journal often enough.

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